EMS Introduction

EMS is an industry-leading room and resource scheduling platform designed to streamline the management of meetings, events, and workspaces. With a robust suite of tools, EMS empowers organizations to maximize the utilization of their facilities while enhancing communication and collaboration among users.

EMS ensures efficient space and resource utilization across your organization by providing real-time visibility into room availability, resource allocation, and scheduling conflicts.

EMS Products:

  • EMS Desktop Client: Desktop application in which administrative users can configure workflow and daily operations management, while everyday users handle tasks like space requests, meeting check-ins, and space tracking.

  • EMS Web App: Assists in locating and booking workspaces, scheduling and overseeing meetings, events, and services. It enables employees to book specific meeting spaces and request reservations for managed spaces. It is compatible with mobile devices and most functionalities remain accessible, although page displays may vary due to smaller screens and resolutions.

  • EMS Flex: Provides booking spaces and rooms with minimal user interaction. Mobilize your workforce with flexible space scheduling and create bookings in a few steps by choosing dates, building, floor, and space or room. It includes a Monday to Friday date selector with 3 default times.

  • Direct Spaces: View, create, update, and manage your bookings on-the-go using intuitive interface. Browse people and locations, manage favorites, among other features.

  • EMS for Outlook and Exchange Integration: An optional add-in that integrates the EMS room reservation process directly with Microsoft Outlook. Users can view room availability in addition to attendee free/busy information simultaneously and book/manage their meetings directly within Windows Outlook.

  • EMS Kiosk App: An interactive tool for checking room availability, booking space, and finding meeting locations. You can view and make reservations from touch screen devices typically placed in meeting spaces, lobbies, and at check-in areas.

  • EMS Room Sign App: A web-based tool that transforms your tablet into a digital room sign. Installed outside meeting rooms, it shows if a space is available and offers features for check-in, ending, extending, and booking meetings.

  • EMS Platform Services: A Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering with modern RESTful APIs. It allows the creation of multi-platform, customizable, scalable, and easily integrated applications in the cloud. Acting as a middle tier, it simplifies application development, reduces complexity, and speeds up development time.

  • EMS for Google Workspace: Provides tools to connect with others, create documents, access cloud storage, and provide security for data and devices. It integrates with EMS Software to combine the scheduling power of EMS with the convenience of Google Workspace.

  • EMS Master Calendar: Offers you online access to a centralized calendar of events. You can view dates, times, detailed events, location directions, and other information.

  • EMS Campus: Facilitates organization of classes in a location and at a time that is acceptable to departments and professors. It automates room assignments based on user-set criteria, integrates with SIS/ERP software, and includes online collaboration tools. It simplifies final exam scheduling and offers various reports for analyzing and optimizing room scheduling.

  • EMS Cloud Services: Provides meeting and room scheduling solutions to customers as a subscription-based cloud service. It includes provisioning, high availability, data and system security, and ongoing support. Hosted with the Google Cloud platform, EMS is responsible for hosting, managed services, and support.

  • Integrations: EMS Software includes optional integration tools, services, and APIs to connect with your existing systems, software, and hardware. EMS supplies a wide range of tools and services to enable fast integration and data syncing during the implementation process.