Import Files to Streamline Data Entry

You can streamline data entry by importing a variety of data items into your EMS database from tab-delimited text files, including holidays, rooms, resources, groups, reservations, and course schedule patterns. This appendix section details the import file specifications for each of these data items.

If your organization has licensed the optional EMS module, EMS Human Resources Toolkit, refer to the HR Toolkit Installation Guide.

If you are importing data to your EMS database using a spreadsheet, due to the extraneous formatting hidden in Microsoft® Excel, the best practice is:

  1. Build your spreadsheet.
  2. Copy and paste it into Notepad.
  3. Import it from the Notepad file.

How Do I Import Data?

For instructions in importing data, follow the links in the table below:

Type of Import Importing Instructions FILE SPECIFICATIONS


Import Reservation Utility

Reservation Import File Specifications

Special Dates (Holidays)

Import a List of Special Dates

Special Date Import File Specification


Importing Resources for a Category

Resources Import File Specifications

Groups (People)

Import Groups

Group Import File Specifications


Import Rooms

Room Import File Specifications

(EMS Campus) Final Exam Schedules

Importing Final Exam Schedule Templates

Final Exam Schedule File Specifications

Your organization might also be licensed for the Academic Import Utility, to import lists of reservations for academic or Campus implementations.