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Configuring EMS Web App for HR Toolkit

Various configuration settings are available to automatically assign the appropriate Everyday User Process Template(s) when a user hits your EMS Web App site for the first time. Within the EMS Web App Parameters area of EMS (System Administration > Settings > Parameters, Everyday User Applications tab), the following parameters must be set accordingly to activate this feature:

Note:  Ignore the “Auto Creates…” and “Security Status…” parameters if your HR Toolkit was customized to automatically assign Everyday User Process Templates to Everyday Users.




Account Management


Auto-Creates Everyday Users During Integrated Authentication



Account Management


Default Security Template for User


Must be specified


Account Management


Security Status for User




Tip: You can configure booking templates so that they are are automatically assigned to all new Everyday Users; select the Enable for Web App option when configuring the Everyday User Process Template under Configuration > Everyday User Applications / Everyday User Process Templates). For instructions in configuring Everyday User Process templates, See Also: Configuring Everyday User Process Templates.