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EMS Software, LLC

Configuring EMS Desktop Client

1.    Go to an EMS desktop client user’s PC and open the Registry Editor. 

Warning: Registry changes can cause irreversible damage if done incorrectly. 

2.    Locate and expand HKEY_CURRENT_USER
3.    Locate and expand Software
4.    Locate and expand Dean Evans and Associates if you use EMS V43 or V44, or EMS Software if you use V44.1. 
5.    Navigate to and select your EMS product folder (e.g. EMS Workplace 6.0). 

6.    Right-click, select New, and add a DWORD (32-bit) Value. 

7.    Rename the New Value #1 entry to UseAuthentication
8.    Modify the Value data field to 1. 


9.    Launch your EMS Desktop Client application to verify connectivity.