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Installing the EMS - Cisco TMS Service

Pre-Installation Requirements

IMPORTANT:  Existing versions of the EMS – Cisco TMS Service must be manually uninstalled.

IMPORTANT: Install the EMS – Cisco TMS Service on one computer/server only.

Installing or Upgrading the EMS – Cisco TMS Service

  1. Manually uninstall any existing versions of the EMS – Cisco TMS Service.
  2. Download the CiscoTMSServiceSetup.msi file onto the server that will be running the service.  This can be your existing EMS database server or web server.
  3. Run CiscoTMSServiceSetup.msi.
  4. The first screen welcomes you to the EMS Cisco TMS Service Setup Wizard.  Click Next > to begin the installation process.  The Select Installation Folder screen will appear.

  1. Select the installation Folder and context (Everyone or Just Me).  It is recommended that you keep the default settings.  Click Next >.
  2. The Confirm Installation screen will appear.  Click Next >
  3. The Installation Complete screen appears.  Click Close

Configuring the EMS – Cisco TMS Service

  1. Within the Windows Start menu, locate EMS Cisco TMS Settings.  The EMS Cisco TMS Settings screen will appear.

  1. Enter your EMS MS SQL Server name.
  2. Enter your EMS Database name.
  3. Specify the service execution Interval.
  4. Specify the Authentication mode (EMS or Windows).
  5. Click OK.

Note:  Additional EMS – Cisco TMS Interface settings are configured in the Cisco TMS Activity area within EMS.  See the EMS – Cisco TMS Interface Configuration.