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Configuring Everyday User Templates

This topic explains the process of assigning your users to security profiles and booking templates. 

New! If you have previously used older versions of EMS, you may know these templates as "Web Process Templates." These are now called "Everyday User Process Templates."


Everyday User
Someone who can request or reserve space and services in any EMS Software application other than EMS Desktop Client. You assign these users to templates.

Everyday User Template
Defines and controls what a user can do. EMS uses two types of everyday user templates:

  1. Security template
    This is essentially a security profile: it controls which menu items are available to the users assigned to the template, which booking information fields display to them, and other information.
  2. Process template
    This is essentially a booking template: it controls what users can do for different types of reservations (conference room, workspace, study room, and so on). This type of template also controls users' date/time restrictions, room security (reserve, request only, no access), and service availability (A/V, catering, and so on). 

Process Overview:

To configure Everyday User templates, you will