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Persistent Authentication

Persistent Authentication refers to the EMS Mobile App's ability to automatically log users in so that they are not required to log into EMS Mobile App every time they need to access it.  When using persistent authentication, a user's EMS Mobile App credentials will become invalid after a period of inactivity equal to or greater than the duration defined in settings. If not using persistent authentication, a user will be forced to re-authenticate after the duration defined in settings has elapsed, regardless of activity.

Tip: Users with persistent authentication will be prompted to log back in to EMS Mobile App if anything is changed about their profile in EMS Desktop Client on the Everyday User tab, such as Email, Password, External Reference, Network ID, and Security Template. If your remove a user's access to a process template, they will also be alerted when they attempt to use it, and then they will be prompted to re-authenticate.

  1. Navigate to the Admin Functions page, which is listed under your name in the upper right corner of the application.

  2.  Tap the MOBILE APP tab.

  3. Select the Persistent Authentication option.

  4. Set the token duration in Mins/Days and Save.

Note: This setting overrides the token duration sent by SSO providers.

Note: If a user should leave your organization, you should manually disable his or her profile in EMS, otherwise the employee will have access to EMS Mobile App for the duration defined above. You can also use HR Toolkit to streamline this process.