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Deploying the EMS Mobile App

There are two ways to deploy the EMS Mobile App App for your users:

  1. The standard public app store offered by Apple and Google
  2. A private enterprise app store. (This approach can also be integrated with your company's Mobile Device Management system.)

Public Deployment: Public App Store

To deploy via the public app store, direct your users to go to the Google Play and Apple app stores on their mobile devices. They will be able to download the app by clicking on the link. However, they will have to manually input the EMS Mobile API URL. They will receive a prompt to do so the first time they open the EMS Mobile App App.

If users need to change the API URL at a later date, they can:

  1. Open the app, and then click 'About' in the lower right corner.

  2. Click to change the API URL.

  3. Enter the API URL you provide and connect.

While this approach may be easier for your IT staff, it has definite costs:

  • Users will have to input the the EMS Mobile App API URL on their own.
  • EMS will frequently deploy mobile app updates to the app store. Most users will have this app set to automatically update, and will therefore receive updates even if you have not yet upgraded your EMS Mobile API.
  • While we aim to make the Mobile API backwards- and forwards- compatible within major updates, we may not do so all the time.
  • Deploying via the public app store therefore requires you to make major updates to the EMS Mobile API as soon as they are available.

Private Deployment: Private App Store

To deploy via a private enterprise app store, first download the unsigned apk/ipa files from your EMS software portal. You then have to resign the app and deploy it via your MDM system. This site offers some guidance on how to sign an unsigned ipa file (i.e. for iOS), while this site does the same for Android apk files. Deploying via a private app store allows you to control which version of the Mobile App your users have.

As an example, here are the key steps to resign and deploy the unsigned EMS Mobile App ipa file (following instructions provided here):

  1. Download unsigned builds: .ipa and .apk files

    • Optional: Configure API URL and SSO URL via config.json, change logo•

  2. Re-sign the app

    Change app logo (if using MDM])