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Area: System Configuration

Table A-8: Master Calendar Default Page Configuration settings

Parameter Description



Collapse calendars into groupings


Indicate if the calendars should collapse into the grouping.

Show email me my password link


Show the Email Me My Password Link on the Master Calendar login page.

Updates to Connector Events by the EMS Contact require approval?


Updates by the EMS Contact to events that have been imported from your EMS database into Master Calendar require approval by the Calendar Manager.

Max length of event title (0-255)


Indicate the maximum character length for an event title.

Max results displayed before pagination is used


Enter the number of items that are shown in any list (other than those on the Calendar page) before pagination.

Show Calendar Managers link


Indicate if the link to show the list of Calendar Managers should show on the site.

This determines whether to show the login menu link.


Display the Login menu link under My Account on the Master Calendar Default page.

This determines whether to show the timezone preference on the login page.


Display a timezone dropdown list on the login page from which a user can select a preferred timezone.

Suppress HTML from featured events & detailed list view


Indicate if HTML should be suppressed from featured events and from the detailed list view.

Suspend sending of subscription emails


Indicate if the subscription emails should be suspended.

Height of thumbnail image (in pixels)


Enter the number (in pixels) for the height of a thumbnail image.

Width of thumbnail image (in pixels)


Enter the number (in pixels) for the width of a thumbnail image.

Application Time zone

(GMT -07:00) Mountain Time

Select the time zone for the application.

Use secondary location field


Display the Sub-Location field on the Submit Event page.

Max length of special dates title (0-255)


Indicate the maximum character length for a special date.

Time to send out email subscriptions


Indicate the time in which email subscriptions are to be sent out.

Delay between text change on dynamic feeds (in seconds)


Indicate (in seconds) the delay between text change for the dynamic feeds.