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Maintaining Departments in Master Calendar

A department in Master Calendar is a division of a business specializing in a particular product or service, such as a Personnel department, or a division of a school or college such as the Department of Chemistry. You can configure departments for Master Calendar so that additional information/clarification can be provided for an event. For example, if you are managing calendars for a university campus and you specify a multi-use building as an event location, you could also specify the department that is hosting/sponsoring the event. This topic guides you in adding departments, activating departments, inactivating departments, editing departments, and deleting departments.

Tip: “Departments” is a default label, which you can change. 
See AlsoSetting_Default_Behavior_for_Master_Calendar”.

1. On the Admin menu, point to Configuration > Departments. The Departments page opens on the Active tab, listing all currently active departments in Master Calendar.


2. To define a new department, under Actions, click Add. The Department dialog box opens. You use this dialog box to name the department.


  • In the Name field, enter the name for the department.
  • On the Department dialog box, click Add. The Department is added to Master Calendar as an active department.

2. To rename or activate/de-activate an existing department, choose from the Active or Inactive tab. 

  • Select the department you wish to rename, activate or deactivate. 
  • Under Actions, select Edit. The Department dialog box opens, showing the department name.


  • Edit the text to rename the department.
  • Use the Active checkbox to control whether this department is available for selection in Master Calendar. 
  • Click Save.

3. To delete a department select one or more departments to be deleted from the Active or Inactive tab. To select all departments on the currently opened page for deletion in a single step, select Department. If you have multiple pages of departments to delete, you must repeat this entire process on each page.

Concept: If you delete an active department, any current events that use this location are not affected. The deletion simply means that going forward, the department is not available for use.


  • Under Actions, click Delete. You will be prompted to confirm that you want to delete all the selected departments. 
  • Click OK in the message. A message confirms that all the selected departments were successfully deleted. 
  • Click OK.