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Managing an Event from the Event Summary Page

From the Manage Events page, or the Edit  icon on the Event Details page, the Event Summary page opens. The Details tab on this page summarizes the current details for the event. The History tab on this page shows the history for the event. In addition, the page has three tabs that show the dates that are associated with the event.

• The All tab shows all currently active dates for the event in Master Calendar. (The information that appears on this tab is the combined information from the Current tab and the Historical tab.)

• The Current tab shows recurring dates for the event going forward from the current day’s date.

• The Historical tab shows recurring dates that have already posted.

Event Summary page, Details tab

You can manage an event from the Event Summary page as follows:

Editing the event

Adding event dates

 Canceling an event

 Un-Canceling an event

Copying an event

Adding an event to your personal email calendar