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Managing Events from the Manage Events Page

When a guest or user requests to submit an event to a calendar, as the Master Calendar manager, you are responsible for managing the event in your calendar system.  

See Also: Types of Master Calendar Users

Managing event requests in Master Calendar consists of:

You can also:

When the Manage Events page first opens, the list of events that appears is a list of all pending events for all calendars to which you have access as a Master Calendar manager. To manage events with different statuses, you must refine this list by filtering it by specific criteria.


Note: For all procedures in this section, you must be logged in either as a Calendar Manager or as the site administrator. If you are logged in as the Calendar Manager, or the site administrator, you can always open the event by clicking the event title on the Manage Events page. You can then easily review the event specifics as well as edit the event details. See Also: Types of Master Calendar Users.