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Running the Master Calendar Installer

Process Overview:

In order to install Master Calendar, you will:    

  1. Run the DEA.MasterCalendar.Server.Install.exe to install the Master Calendar Database on the database server (following the steps below).  
  2. Run the DEAMasterCalendarSetup.msi program on the web server to install the Master Calendar website.  
  3. Configure Master Calendar to use the Web Service.
  4. (optional) Verify the Master Calendar API.  
  5. (If Upgrading) Uninstall any optional services on the web server used by the previous version of Master Calendar. 
  6. Install or re-install any optional services on the web server. 

Note:  Be sure to run a backup prior to upgrading your database. It is recommended to upgrade your Master Calendar Database in a test environment prior to upgrading a production database. 


  1. Run DEA.MasterCalendar.Server.Install.exe from any PC that has access to the database server. 

  2. In the Server field, enter the name of the server running MS SQL Server. 
  3. In the Database field, enter the name for the Master Calendar Database. (It is recommended that you accept the default value of ‘Master_Calendar’).
  4. In the Server Authentication area, specify MS SQL Server authentication credentials.  If SQL Server Authentication Mode is selected, you must specify a User Name and Password.
  5. Click the Execute button. 

  6. Click Yes to initiate the installation.