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Everyday User Security Template Field Definitions

Security Tab




The name for the web security template.

Note: Maximum of 50 characters, including spaces.

Allow User to Add Groups

Enables users to add existing Groups for which they book space to their accounts.Selected by default. Users can add existing Groups for which they make reservations to their accounts.

Allow User to Add Contacts

Enables users to indicate if a Contact should appear by default when the Group is selected for a reservation. Select this option if you want users to add existing Contacts to existing Groups on their account.

Allow User to Set Default Contact

Available only if Allow User to Add Contacts is selected. Select this option if you want users to assign default contact for a Group when making reservations.

Roles Tab



Allow Check In

Allows a user to check in to an event in rooms requiring check-in.

Browse Events

Allows the user to view a schedule of events at the organization as well as more information about these events.

Browse Locations

Allows the user to view a schedule view of rooms at the organization.

Create\Edit an Account

Allows new unauthenticated users ("guests") to create user accounts (set to Active or Pending based on your parameter settings). For authenticated users, allows users to change their account information. 

Custom Events

Allows users to view a customized schedule of events created by an Administrator using the Generate Custom Link utility.


Allows users to assign other users as delegates for impersonation. 

Browse People

Allows users to look up Groups at their organization to see where these Groups are meeting today.

Location Details

Allows users to view details (room type, size, phone, features, setup types, images and so on) about a room or a building. 


Allows unauthenticated users ("guests") to log in to EMS Web App.

View Floor Map

Requires the optional Floor Plan module. Allows a Everyday User to view and book rooms on a visual floor plan. If licensed for the additional Floor Map module, users can view and request rooms from a floor map of a building. 

Web Administrator

Enables the Admin Functions menu option for these users designated as administrators. The menu controls various administrative functions within EMS Web App, such as clearing the cache, enabling help text edit mode, displaying detailed error messages, and configuring optional integration modules.