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Configuring Confirmation Behavior for Everyday User Applications

  1. To customize the behavior of this type of confirmation, from  the Everyday User Process Templates window, select the template for which you wish to customize a confirmation.
  2. Click Confirmation.

  3. The Confirmation Settings window appears for this template. Click through the tabs specifying your Confirmation Settings.
  • Use the Options tab to set an email header and email footer for pre-configured messages (which you set under Configuration > Other > Messages).

  • Use the Web App Options tab to specify if and where a URL to the Web App should be included in the confirmation. You can also include a Message to include with the URL in the confirmation. (See Also: Configuring Confirmation Emails).​​​​​​

















Option Description
Display Web App Link Indicate whether a URL to the Web App will display in the confirmation as a Header, Footer, or at all.
Web App Link Message Indicate which Message, if any, to include with the URL to the Web App in the confirmation. 

Tip: To see how the Desktop Client user encounters these confirmations, see: Confirmations.