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Licensing for Everyday Users

If your organization has reached your limit of licensed everyday users, you will no longer be able to create additional users.  To get back under your maximum number of users, you can either deactivate or delete users from the EMS Desktop Client.

New! If you have previously used older versions of EMS, you may know these templates as "Web Process Templates." These are now called "Everyday User Process Templates."

  1. Select the Configuration > Everyday User Applications > Everyday Users menu.
  2. To delete users, select them and click the Delete button.
  3. To deactivate users, select them, click the Edit button and set the Status field to Inactive.

Note: If you use HR Toolkit, users that are no longer part of the feed or part of your organization will automatically be deactivated.

Note: A License Notification message will display when opening the Desktop Client if the user license has been exceeded.