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Migrating Data

Older versions of EMS use a Microsoft Access database. You use the Migrating Data tool to migrate data from these older databases into the current database version (SQL Server) for EMS.

To migrate data

1. On the EMS menu bar, click System Administration > Tools > Data Migration.

The EMS Migration Utility opens.

EMS Migration Utility


2. Click Browse to browse to and select the Microsoft Access database that you are migrating.

3. In the EMS pane, enter the connection information for the new EMS database.

4. In the User Name and Password fields, enter the name and password that you use to log in to EMS.

5. Click Next.

A message opens indicating that all existing EMS data will be overwritten by the migration process and asking you if you want to continue.

6. Click Yes.

A dialog box opens, indicating the progress of the migration. When the migration process is complete, a migration complete message opens.

7. Click OK to close the message, and then restart EMS.