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Change Reservation Wizard

You use the Change Reservation Wizard to change various properties for all reservations or all future reservations with bookings after a specific date in a single step. You can change the calendar style, the event coordinator, the event type, the sales category, the salesperson, the reservation source, or the web user.

To use the Change Reservation Wizard


The following procedure is written from the perspective of changing the event type, but by analogy, you can follow this procedure to change any of the allowed properties for your reservations.

1. On the EMS menu bar, click System Administration > Tools > Change Reservation Wizard.

The Change Reservation Wizard opens.

Change Reservation Wizard


2. Select Event Type for the property to change, and then do one of the following:

• Select All Reservations.

• Select Future Reservations with Bookings After, and then select a booking date.


The date must be greater than or equal to the current day’s date.

3. Click Next.

The Change Reservation Wizard prompts you to select an event type to change.

Change Reservation Wizard


4. Select an event type, for example, Fundraiser.

The Change Reservation Wizard is updated with information that indicates the number of reservations that use the selected event type.

Change Reservation Wizard


5. Click Next.

The Change Reservation Wizard prompts you to select an event type to replace all instances of “Fundraiser.”

Change Reservation Wizard


6. Select a different event type, for example, Fundraising Dinner, and then click Finish.

A Property Changed message opens, indicating that the property was changed, and the number of reservations that were affected.

7. Click OK to close the message and the Change Reservation Wizard.