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Configuring Services for a Category

When your users are adding details to a booking, if they select a Catering or Resource, w/ Service Order category, they must specify a service. A service indicates how the resource is to be used or offered. For example, Delivery and Setup, Cleanup, Plated, Buffet, and so on are possible services for a resource in a Catering category. If you are configuring resources for either Catering category or Resources, w/ Service Order category, the first time that you configure resources for the category, you must configure at least one default service. You can also configure additional services for a category. 

 Concept: What are Categories, Services, and Resources? 

In EMS, you may hear these terms used interchangeably sometimes, however, they are different concepts.

A Category in EMS is anything you might add to a Booking such as Catering, Audio Visual, Furniture, Security, Notes, Attendee Names, Agendas etc. When you configure a Category, however, it must be of six Category types: Activities, Attendees, Catering, Notes, Resources with Service Orders, or Resources Without Service Orders. These types cause the service to behave slightly differently when added to a booking. For example, a Notes/Activities/Attendees type service category does not require the EMS Administrator to configure items under it and there is nothing for a person to “select” from these types of services.

By contrast, a service category that has a type of Catering, Resource with Service Order, or a Resource without a Service Order Category, will require the Administrator to create items under it. For example, an "AV Equipment" service  category (configured as a Resource without a Service Order Category type) might have items under it such as a flip chart, whiteboard, (under AV Equipment). The person requesting the service for this meeting would then select AV equipment; then flipchart and whiteboard would be typical options to add to the event. 

Tip: The following Category Types allow Production Items: Catering, Resources with Service Orders, and Resources Without Service Orders. 

Furthermore, a Category can be configured to "Use States" so that when a service is requested with a meeting, it can be managed through a review and approval process in the Manage Services toolbar option  in EMS Desktop Client. 

1. On the EMS menu bar, click Configuration > Resources. A list of all the categories that are currently configured in your EMS database and for which you can configure resources opens.

2. Select the category for which you are configuring the service type. The Resources window opens., listing all the resources that are currently configured in your EMS database for the selected category and that have a status of Active.

Example of a Resources window


3. Optionally, do one or both of the following:

• To view all resources for the category in your EMS database, regardless of status, under Show, click Inactive.

• To filter the displayed resources based on the Resource name, in the Filter field, enter a search string.

4. Click Services. The Services window opens. This window lists all the services that are currently configured for the resource in your EMS database and that have a status of Active. Optionally, to view only services in your EMS database, regardless of status, under Show, click Inactive.

Services window


5. To begin creating a new Service, click New. The Service dialog box opens.

6. Enter the information for the new service type.




The description or name for the service. The service can be a maximum of 30 characters, including spaces.


Enter a number that determines the order in which the service is displayed in a list with other services. Services are ordered from lowest to highest sequence number, with the service with the lowest sequence number being displayed first.

Note: If you leave the sequence set to the default value of zero for all services, then by default, the services are displayed alphabetically.

Available to Everyday Users

If this service is to be an available option for EMS Web App users who select this category, leave Available to Everyday Users selected.


Leave this option blank to add the service as an active service. Select this option to inactivate the service.

7. Click OK.The Services dialog box closes. You return to the Services window with the newly configured service automatically selected.

8. Click OK.The Services window closes. The Resources window remains open.