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What is the EMS Desktop Client?

The EMS Desktop Client is an application that is installed on administrative users' desktops. Administrative users use this application to configure various workflows, as well as manage day-to-day operations within the application.

Understanding User Types

There are two different user types in EMS.

  1. Administrators: These users create and maintain the EMS application within your organization, and manage or approve usage of space. This user type may also include Service Providers (Catering, Audio Visual, IT Support Staff), Security, and Receptionist Staff. These users will primarily use the EMS Desktop Client.
  2. Everyday Users: This is a majority of the users in the organization. Everyday users are typically requesting rooms and services. These users do not use the Desktop Client, they will primarily use the web based application, VEMS in V44, EMS Web App in V44.1.

EMS System Architecture

The EMS Desktop Client is the foundation for a broad range of components, services, web applications, APIs, add-ons, and integrations.



If you are upgrading to a newer version of EMS, please encourage users at your facility to read the release notes before they begin working with the new version of the software. Doing so will minimize the amount of time it takes them to get “up-to-speed” with the new release and help them benefit from new features and functions that they might not otherwise discover. 

IMPORTANT:  All the EMS-related components you have licensed must be upgraded with this release. 

Product Registration

Primary Contacts can obtain the license file from the Support Center area on  This license file is required to activate your EMS software and is required for new and existing customers.

  • Configuration
  • System Administration
  • EMS Campus specific functionality or the Academic Import Utility

**Please note that some discrepancies (e.g. differences in behavior and/or exclusions) will exist.

Contacting Customer Support

Important: If you do not have a customer login, register here.

Option 1 (Recommended): Submit a Ticket directly via the EMS Support Portal

Option 2: Email

Option 3 (Recommended for critical issues only): Phone (800) 288-4565