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EMS Desktop Client Known Issues


Issue Fixed In
Error When Editing Date/Time for Multi-Location Exchange Web Booking

Reservations created in the Web App from templates that were enabled for Integration with Microsoft Exchange and that include two locations results in an error when the booking is later edited in the desktop client.

Update 8
Minimum Pricing Missing When Adding Resources

Resources that include hourly, minimum and maximum prices do not retain the minimum price when added to a booking. 

Update 8
Categories on Setup Worksheet Duplicated

Setup Worksheets formatted "By Date by Reserved Time" or "By Date by Event Time" do not correctly group categories, resulting in duplicated categories. 

Update 8
Confirmations Misaligned

When "Display Message as HTML" is checked in confirmation reports or invoices, message formatting is truncated to a single column rather than full width. 

Update 8
Email Notifications Not Triggered For Canceled Service Orders

Notification Rules created for "Deletion/Cancellation of Service Orders" do not send notification emails when the booking is canceled. 

Update 8
EMS Web App Login URL Not Editable

The Link text in the Web App menu dialog is disabled, preventing users from setting a custom URL for the login page. 

Update 8
A4 Paper Size Not Observed

Confirmation settings in Everyday User Process Templates do not retain users' paper size preferences.  

Update 8
TMS Data Overwritten

Changes to reservations or bookings in EMS are not updated in Cisco TMS Manager; reservations in Cisco TMS are deleted and recreated, losing all Cisco TMS Manager settings. 

No-Show Notification Rule Outdated

Check In Notification Rules are incorrectly labeled No Show Notification Rules in the Room Administration Wizard. 

Update 8
VIP Checkbox De-Selected

The VIP Event checkbox in a reservation is not retained if a host is added after checking it. 

Update 8
Daily Query Included Tomorrow's Bookings

Query reports that include Booking Event Start and End Display fields erroneously return records for two days when the report is run for a single day. 

Update 8
Group Distribution Lists Skipped

Global Address Lists are not searchable when using LDAP configurations. 

Update 8
Notifications Not Triggered For Modified Service Orders

A single Service Order Notification Rule that includes creation, modification and deletion options does not send notifications when Service Orders are modified. 

Update 8
Slow Performance for Course Updates

Publishing courses on specific terms results in extremely slow performance. 

Update 8