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Exchange Integration Release Notes V44.1 Update 6

This section describes updates to your EMS software. 

See Also: Contacting Customer Support and Updating to the Latest Version of EMS

Important: Make sure to download and install the Exchange update for this release (Build #  44.1.199).


Name: V44.1 Update 6 Release Date: October 18, 2016 Patch #:  2016.10.18.0 Build #: 44.1.1017.90


Area Description
Installation > webconfig file

ViewState Information Unencrypted

The ViewState information (the dictionary that stores name/value pairs) and the Controls' state were unencrypted, which made sensitive information vulnerable.

Fix: Added a web.config setting to encrypt the VIEWSTATE on each Exchange Integration Web Service page by default, so this data is not exposed to unauthorized users.

Exchange Integration

Unlimited Field Entry

When users edited fields on the PAMConfig.aspx page, the fields had no character limit.

Fix: Applied character length restrictions to fields on the PAMConfig.aspx page of the Exchange Integration Web Service (as an extra security measure).