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EMS Mobile App Release Notes V44.1 Update 6

This section describes updates to your EMS software. 

See Also: Contacting Customer Support and Updating to the Latest Version of EMS

Name: V44.1 Update 6 Release Date: October ##, 2016

Build #: 44.1.4###

Mobile API #: 44.1.###.##

Area Description
User Interface

Some Dates Display As "  " on Date Picker

When users clicked on the calendar icon to select dates, some digits displayed as " ".

Fix: Modified the display to ensure that all date digits display as expected.

Menu Bar Hidden on First Log On

When users installed EMS Mobile App on a device and logged on for the first time, the top menu bar was not visible until the application was refreshed.

Fix: Modified the display to ensure that the menu bar always displays.

Bookings Display Under Incorrect Times on Calendar

When users viewed today's bookings on the home screen in calendar view, they were displayed under the wrong times.

Fix: Modified the display so bookings appear under the correct times.

New Booking > Booking Templates

Booking Template Menu Page Displays When User Only Has One Template

When booking a new meeting and only one template was assigned to the user, the Menu page (typically used for selecting from a list of booking templates) displayed.

Fix: Modified the booking template page so it only appears when there is more than one booking template to choose from.

Template Titles With "&" Cause Error

When users selected booking templates with "&" in the title, the following error occurred: "Error parsing JSON from Location Details."

Fix: Modified validations to ensure mobile users can access templates with the special character in the title. 

New Booking > Find a Room

Room Search Results Not Scrollable

When room search results exceeded the screen size, the page was not scrollable so users had no indication that there were more list items than visible.

Fix: Added scrolling to the page.