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EMS for Outlook Release Notes V44.1 Update 5

This section describes updates to your EMS software. 

See Also: Contacting Customer Support and Updating to the Latest Version of EMS

Important: Make sure to download and install the Exchange update for this release (Build #  44.1.199).


Name: V44.1 Update 5 Release Date: September 26, 2016 Build #: 44.1.0924.56


Area Description
New Booking > Search for Space

Enable Filtering By Area

Enhanced the Search for Space feature so users can now filter criteria by area, building, and free text. Results display in the hierarchical order in which the user specifies (building or rooms) and only for locations allowed by the booking template.

Exchange Integration > PamConfig.aspx

Enhance Input Validation on PamConfig.aspx

Added encoding to this page to protect against potentially malicious characters.


Area Description
Edit Booking > Resolve Booking Conflict

Alternate Room Not Shown on Attendee Calendar

When resolving booking conflicts by selecting an alternative room, users' invitations to attendees did not update their calendars with the new location. 

Fix: Modified invitations to ensure that Outlook calendars reflect the alternate location once accepted.

Edit Booking > Update Recurrence/Time

Updating Recurrence/Time and Clicking View Reservation Causes Error

When users changed a recurring meeting's time, schedule, or recurrence pattern and then clicked the View Reservation button, an error occurred:

"The reservation window has been closed due to an error caused by a loaded component."

Fix: Modified the display so that the error no longer occurs and clicking the View Reservation button now presents the reservation as designed.

Favorite Rooms

Favorite Rooms Still Appear After Deletion from User Options

When users deleted favorite rooms from User Options > My Account > My Favorites, they still showed in the Favorites list during new bookings. 

Fix: Modified the display for new bookings to immediately reflect users' changes to favorites in User Options.

New Booking > Search for Space

Areas Filter Not Limited by Booking Template

When booking space, Areas were listed that the Booking Template did not allow.

Fix: Modified the display so that users can only select areas allowed by the booking template. 

Areas Not Listed Alphabetically

The Filter by Area dropdown was not listed alphabetically.

Fix: Modified the dropdown to list items alphabetically.

Building Search in Filter by Area Caps-Sensitive

The Filter by Area Search field was caps-sensitive.

Fix: Modified the field to be caps-insensitive.