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EMS Mobile App Release Notes V44.1 Update 3

This section describes updates to your EMS software. 

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Name: V44.1 Update 3 Release Date: August 26, 2016 Build #: 44.1.###.##
Area Description

EMS Mobile App > Launch Application

Users Incorrectly Prompted to Download Mobile App

The mobile web app was prompting users to download the EMS Mobile App App even when the parameter "URL for the EMS Mobile App in the app store" was blank.

Fix: The prompt only appears if the EMS admin has configured a value for that parameter.

EMS Mobile App > Create Account 

Create Account Button Available When Integrated Authentication is On

When organizations had integrated authentication configured, the Create Account button still showed as available for EMS Mobile App.

Fix: Modified validations to remove this option when integrated authentication is active. 

EMS Mobile App > Browse Events 

Load More Bookings Button Missing in List View

When browsing the list of events on the home screen, the Load More Bookings button was missing from the bottom of the list view.

Fix: Modified the display to show the button so users can expand the list. 

Clicking Search Button on Calendar List View Causes Crash

When browsing events in the calendar list view, clicking the Search button caused the app to crash.

Fix: Modified behavior so that users can now click the Search button to search for specific events.

EMS Mobile App > Browse Locations 

Browse Locations Date Filter Unavailable

When browsing locations, users could not change the date field in the upper right corner of the list to filter the list.

Fix: Modified the field so users can change the date and filter the list. 

Duplicating Locations Filters Causes Filters List to Omit Items

When creating new locations filters by clicking the Duplicate button on the Filters List, items were missing until the user returned to the page.

Fix: Modified the display to properly display filters in this situation.

Building Info Not Showing Kilometers

When browsing buildings that were set to show measurements in kilometers, data still showed in miles.

Fix: Modified the display to observe the kilometer setting and show information in metric when appropriate. 

Building Images Missing From About This Location

When users browsed buildings and opened the About this Location > Images tab, images were missing from the display.

Fix: Modified the display so that users can see images on the About this Location > Images tab.

EMS Mobile App > Log In 

Extra Spaces Allowed on Login

When logging in, users could add extra spaces and still successfully log in.

Fix: Improved validations to prevent users from logging in with extra spaces. 

EMS Mobile App > Home Button 

Pressing Home Button On Mobile Devices Causes Unexpected Results

When switching between {product_mobile}} and other mobile apps and pressing the "Home" button on their mobile devices, users experienced unexpected results..

Fix: Modified button behavior so that results are as expected. 

EMS Mobile App > Edit Booking

Edit Button Shown On In-Progress Bookings

The Edit button was available on bookings once they had begun.

Fix: Modified display so that the Edit button does is not available once the meeting starts.

EMS Mobile App > New Reservation > Rooms List

Rooms Missing From Search Results

When searching for space, some rooms were missing from the list and it appeared to be cut off at the bottom.

Fix: Modified the display to show all rooms in the list.

EMS Mobile App > ...