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EMS Kiosk Release Notes V44.1 Update 3

This section describes updates to your EMS software. 

See Also: Contacting Customer Support and  Updating to the Latest Version of EMS

Name: V44.1 Update 3 Release Date: August 26, 2016 Build #: Patch #:  2016.08.24.0


Area Description

EMS Kiosk > Floormaps

Add Support for SVG File Formats for Floor Plan Images

SVG files are now supported and rendered correctly in the following pages: Make a Reservation, Locate Space, and Locate Viewer pages. 


Area Description

EMS Kiosk > Log In via LDAP

LDAP Login Fails

Users were unable to log in to EMS Kiosk when their system was set to use LDAP authentication.

Fix: Modified validations so that users can now successfully log in to EMS Kiosk using LDAP Authentication

EMS Kiosk > Make a Reservation > Floor Plans

Unable to Book a Room from Floor Plan

When browsing for space, clicking on the floor plan map caused an error and users could not book rooms from the floor plan view.

Fix: Modified functionality so users can now book rooms from this view.

Floor Plans Unavailable

When browsing for space, clicking on Map caused EMS Kiosk to hange on "Loading carousel items" and users were unable to select floor plans.

Fix: Modified functionality so users can now view floor plans.

EMS Kiosk > Booking Check-In

Check-In Button Missing From Locate Person

The Check In button was missing from the Locate Person page.

Fix: Modified the display to show the Check In button so users can now check in to meetings from Locate Person when the option is configured.

Check-In Hangs From Make Reservation

When checking into a reservation from the Make Reservation page, it appeared to hang and then the user was redirected to the main page.

Fix: Modified functionality so that users' check-ins now succeed and the My Reservation page is refreshed such that the check-in option no longer shows for that reservation