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Mobile Web App Issues

This category describes resolutions to issues with the Mobile EMS Web App.

Name: V44.1 Update 1 Release Date: July 20, 2016 Patch #: 2016.07.13.0

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Mobile Web App Allows Multiple Rooms to Be Added to Recurring Meetings in EMS for Outlook

Reported Issue
Issue Resolution

Edit Recurring Meeting 

The Mobile Web App allowed users to edit multi-room bookings on the same date and time and apply more than one room to a booking, including changing multiple rooms

Changed functionality to prevent users from applying more than one room to a booking or changing multiple rooms at once for one occurrence.;

Room Info Missing From My Bookings on Mobile Web App 

Reported Issue
Issue Resolution

My Bookings

The room information, check in, cancel, and end now buttons were not displaying in the My Bookings view for mobile Web App users.

Modified functionality to ensure that room information and check in, cancel, and end now buttons display in the My Bookings view.