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Edit Booking Workflow Issues

This category describes resolutions to issues encountered during the edit booking and reservation workflow. 

Name: V44.1 Update 1 Release Date: July 20, 2016 Patch #: 2016.07.13.0

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Adding Services from Reservation Summary Causes Error

Reported Issue
Issue Resolution

Create New Reservation > Reservation Summary > Add Services 

Clicking the Add Services option from the Reservation Summary could cause the error,

"System.ArgumentException: Column 'BillingReference' does not belong to table ReservationDetails."

Modified functionality to ensure that the error no longer occurs. 

POs on Room Requests Not Saving

Reported Issue
Issue Resolution

Room Request > Manage Services

When including a PO on a room request, the PO information was not saving correctly and was missing from the Reservation Summary. 

Modified functionality to ensure that PO information is correctly saved with room requests. 

Rescheduling Booking Causes Wrong Start and End Times to Display

Reported Issue
Issue Resolution

Edit Reservation > Booking Tools > Reschedule booking to specific time

When using this option to choose a new booking time, the Start/End time in the Reservation Summary grid view was incorrect because the wrong time zone was used to calculate the new time.

Modified functionality to ensure that new Start/End times are correctly recalculated to display on the Reservation Summary.