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EMS for Outlook Workflow Issues

This category describes resolutions to issues encountered for meetings that have Exchange Integration (EMS for Outlook. 

Name: V44.1 Update 1 Release Date: July 20, 2016 Patch #: 2016.07.13.0

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Adding Rooms to Recurring Meetings in Outlook Cancels Meeting

Reported Issue
Issue Resolution

Add Location to a Recurring Booking

When editing a recurring meeting by clicking the Add Location button on the Manage Bookings screen, selecting an available room, and then clicking the Notify Attendees button, attendees received a notification email that the meeting was canceled and it showed as canceled in the Outlook® calendar. 

Modified functionality to ensure that the meeting is no longer canceled when users add a room to a recurring meeting with Exchange integration and email attendees .

Attendee Availability Displays Incorrectly During Booking EMS for Outlook

Reported Issue
Issue Resolution

New Reservation > Add Attendees

When creating a new reservation and adding attendees, their free/busy/tentative status did not display correctly when the user clicked the forward/back buttons to advance to future or previous days in the calendar. 

Modified functionality to ensure that attendee availability displays correctly.

Recurring Meetings in EMS for Outlook Allow Bookings in Conflict

Reported Issue
Issue Resolution

Edit Recurring Booking in Conflict

When editing a recurring meeting that was in conflict status, the room incorrectly appeared to be available in the Outlook® calendar, however, when the user attempted to change the room (clicking the Add Location button on the Manage Bookings screen), the following error occurred and the conflict could not be resolved. 

"Booking failed to update. Another user might have changed this booking or taken its location."

Changed validations so that the room in conflict did not appear as available in Outlook®, and ensure that users can change the room to correct the conflict.

Recurring Meetings Not Listed Properly in EMS for Outlook

Reported Issue
Issue Resolution

Recurring Bookings in EMS for Outlook

Only the first occurrence of a recurring meeting was listed in EMS for Outlook.

Modified functionality to ensure all occurrences of a recurrent meeting are listed properly in EMS for Outlook.

Room Change Notification Emails Missing User's Message

Reported Issue
Issue Resolution

Edit Reservation > Notify Attendees

When changing a reservation, the text users manually entered in the Message field on the Notify Attendees screen was omitted from the emails sent to attendees. 

Modified functionality to ensure that text users enter in the Message field appears in the notification email.