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Browse Events and Browse Locations Issues

This section categorizes resolutions to issues encountered when browsing events and locations.

Name: V44.1 Update 1 Release Date: July 20, 2016 Patch #: 2016.07.13.0

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Browse Locations Incorrectly Displays "There are no bookings for this room" Message

Reported Issue
Issue Resolution

Create New Reservation > 

When booking a room that has future bookings, the message "There are no bookings for this room" incorrectly appeared before the list of events for that room displayed.

Modified functionality so that this message only displays if there are no events for the room. 

Browse Locations Page: Filter Display Issues

Reported Issue
Issue Resolution
  • Browse Locations > Save Filters; When browsing locations and saving a filter, the display incorrectly loaded Event filters as well Location filters.
  • Browse Locations > Add Filter; When adding more filters to the saved filters by selecting a location from the dropdown, the Add Filter button became unavailable.
  • Browse Events > Edit Filter; When editing a filter on "Your Filters" and then advancing to the Browse Events screen, the filter is incorrectly set to "All".

Modified the Browse Locations page so that only Location filters display when users view Saved Filters, and the Save Filter button remains available is always available.

Calendar List View Does Not Show Selected Week

Reported Issue
Issue Resolution

Browse Events > View New Week

When users browsed events and changed the view to a new week, the list view did not refresh to show the events for that week. This only occurred the first time the user moved to a new week. Additionally, if the user scrolled to "Now" in the calendar view, it displayed two weeks rather than one.

Modified the Browse Events page so that it lists events for the one week the user specifies.