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Android-Only Issues

This section categorizes resolutions for issues EMS Mobile on Android devices.

Name: V44.1 Update 1 Release Date: July 20, 2016 Patch #: 2016.07.13.0

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Android: Calendar Shows Past Bookings

Reported Issue
Issue Resolution

Calendar View

Calendar view incorrectly showed past events by default.

Modified the calendar to hide past events until selected by the user.

Android: Closing App Without Signout Causes Crash

Reported Issue
Issue Resolution

Close App, Reopen, Click Next Meeting

When users left the app and then reopened it and clicked Next Meeting, the app crashed.

Modified functionality so that when the device loses focus on the app, further user interactions are successful and clicking Next Meeting no longer causes a crash.

Android: Events With Terms and Conditions Missing Images

Reported Issue
Issue Resolution

Reservations > Terms and Conditions

When users created reservations that had Terms and Conditions with an image, the image was not displaying on Android devices. 

Modified functionality to ensure that when Terms and Conditions for a reservation includes an image, it properly displays on all supported devices including Androids.

Android: QR Code Scan Unreliable

Reported Issue
Issue Resolution

QR Code Scan

When users scanned QR codes, they had to scan at least three times to successfully reach the Create Reservation or Room Schedule page. Room Details did not always present.

Modified QR code functionality to ensure successful scan and interaction on the first attempt.