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EMS Software, LLC

Hardware/Software Checklist

Hardware Requirements Checklist

        Number of Active Users and hardware identified

Software Prerequisite Checklist

End User Machines

         Supported Windows OS

         Supported Outlook in 32-bit

         Supported Browser

Application Server

         Supported OS

Web Server (Roles)

         Windows Authentication


         IIS 6 Metabase Compatibility

Message Queuing Services

         Message Queuing Server

         Directory Service Integration

         HTTP Support

Internet Information Services

         IIS 7 or above

         URL Rewrite Module installed

         Default Website

Microsoft .NET Framework

         V2.0 installed

         V4.0 installed & registered

Service Accounts

        Exchange Impersonation Account for Appointment Notifier Service

FloorPlanner Exclusive

        PHP v5.3

Database Server

SQL Server

         2008 R2 or newer

         Management Studio

        Enabled Mixed Authentication Mode