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Changing an Event

You can edit meetings to add services, rooms, and so on. 

1. From Microsoft Outlook, open the reservation you wish to change.

Tip: You can edit the Start Time and/or End Time in the Microsoft ® Outlook calendar. 

For recurrent meetings, you will be prompted to Open the occurrence or Open the series. To edit the Start Time and/or End Time for a single occurrence of a series reservation, leave Open this occurrence selected, and then click OK. To edit any value other than the Start Time and/or End Time for all bookings for a series reservation in a single step, select Open the series, and then click OK.

  1. Click View Reservation.

  1. The EMS for Outlook add-in opens. You can change meeting details, work with services (expand Services), or work with space (expand Rooms).

Tip: If you want to cancel a scheduled service, you can open the Services  and remove the service.

See Also: Resolving Booking Conflicts

  1. Click Save & Close to save your changes. 

Note: Scheduling changes only show in the Microsoft® Outlook and EMS Desktop Client calendars once the user has finished making changes and closed the EMS for Outlook add-in window.