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Reserving Recurrent Meetings

You can search for rooms that are available for a series reservation, which is a single reservation with multiple bookings. To begin, open Microsoft Outlook and set up a standard recurring meeting (using the Recurrence button  from the Outlook toolbar); in Outlook, specify 

  • subject
  • date and time
  • attendees

WarningBe sure to set an end date for the recurrence. EMS for Outlook does not support infinite recurring meetings. 

Tip: See also: Creating a Video Conference Reservation.

In EMS for Outlook, you can search for available rooms and book a single or recurrent reservation. 

Note: This section details the creation of a reservation for a non-video conference meeting. For information about scheduling a video conference meeting, see Creating a Video Conference Reservation.

  1. Open Microsoft Outlook.
  2. Click New Meeting to begin setting up a new meeting in Outlook: specify a subject, date and time (including recurrence if applicable), and attendees.

    Tip: The Start Time and the End Time come from when you set up the meeting in Outlook. You can edit these values once in the EMS for Outlook add-in (using the date and time fields), or later after booking. See Editing or Canceling a Scheduled Event.

  3. Click the dropdown arrow next to the EMS for Outlook icon  in the top menu bar of Outlook. ​

  1. Select a booking template from the dropdown list (these are pre-defined for you by your System Administrator). 
    The add-in launches and begins searching for available space. You can click Reserve on an available room, or add Services.  

Tips: You can filter Search results, such as start and end dates/times, area, building, capacity, floor, and room type. The filters available to you change based on which rooms are available, so options may look different than the example above. Click the Search button to refresh search results.

Once you have added services and reserved space, you can manage more details about the reservation by clicking Manage

  1. To finalize the reservation, click Save & Close.

Tip: If needed, you can change or remove the room for the event. Also, you can create list of favorite rooms to streamline your search when you are scheduling a meeting.

  1. The space is reserved in the EMS database, added to your Outlook calendar, and once you click Send (from the Outlook meeting), attendees are invited. They can accept or decline the invitation as they normally would in Outlook. 




  1. If you receive a “Booking in Conflict” error, you can resolve this conflict for each occurrence in a series reservation as needed. 

See Also: Resolving Booking Conflicts