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Booking a One-Time Meeting

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1. To begin, open Microsoft Outlook and set up a standard one-time meeting; in Outlook, specify 

  • subject
  • date and time
  • attendees

2. Click the EMS for Outlook icon in the Outlook toolbar.  

By default, the EMS for Outlook add-in opens in the List view for your specified meeting date. The list shows all available rooms in all buildings (up to 750) and their minimum/maximum capacities.  You use this view to choose from only rooms that are available for this booking (this prevents you from accidentally choosing rooms that might cause a conflict). 

3. On the Select Template field, select a booking template for the type of reservation you are making. The rooms listed as available in the Schedule view change to match the template you select.

4. On the Event Type field, select the event type.

5. Use the Groups field to specify the person who is hosting the reservation. Click the Search icon to search by name. See Also: Inviting Groups

Tip: You can manipulate the List view and narrow your room search results. You can sort columns in the room list by clicking the title of each column, and your settings will be saved. Click the Information  icon next to a room to see more information about the room, such as its properties, setup type, features, images (if available), and so on.

At any time, you can switch to the Schedule tab, where you can see your booking in progres, attendees’ free/busy schedules for the meeting date, plus other bookings nearby on the calendar.  

 Concept: Favorites Are an "Opt-in" Filter on Room Searches

When you search for space during the booking process, your search results can be filtered by area, building, room type, etc. using the Filters button, however, you must turn on your favorites to apply them as a filter. 
See Also: Filters and Favorites and Filtering Room Searches

7. Select the room(s) by clicking the Select icon.

Tip: The Selected Rooms tab shows the number of rooms selected for the meeting.   You can see your booking in progress (green) on the Schedule tab. Setup and teardown times show as narrower bars bracketing the event.

8. You can click Save/Send to complete your booking, or you may be able to specify additional Services, Billing, and additional details for the event if the following tabs are available.   

9. If you are adding services, See Also: Adding Services and Introduction to the EMS for Outlook Window.

Note: If your booking causes a booking conflict, see Resolving Booking Conflicts.

Once your booking is complete, the selected room is booked and the event is automatically added to your Outlook calendar. The invited meeting attendees receive a standard invitation for the meeting. The invitees accept or decline the meeting invitation as they normally would in Outlook. The next time you open the EMS for Outlook add-in, the room shows as booked in the grid for the date you specified.