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EMS Software, LLC

Installation Overview

 If you are unsure whether your organization is licensed for the FM Toolkit, or if you would like to learn more about it, please contact your Account Executive.

Process Overview:

To integrate EMS FM Toolkit, you will:

  • Determine the data sources in your organization that will connect facilities management data to EMS.
  • Prepare your facilities management data for sharing with EMS.
  • Obtain and load the installation components, which are .sql files to establish a database where data will be staged for exchange between EMS and your data source(s).
  • Run FM Toolkit to initiate data exchange between EMS and your data source(s).
  • Maintain data in your facilities management systems for continual integration with EMS.

How EMS Integrates Your User Records

During the configuration process, you establish an inventory of buildings and rooms in the EMS staging database. Everyday users can then use this inventory of space to book meetings and reservations. Facilities management (FM) systems outside of EMS solutions are also built upon an inventory of buildings and rooms. The FM Toolkit enables organizations to synchronize the space inventory between these two systems.

The FM Toolkit Installation Guide leads you through the steps to install and configure the FM Toolkit in your environment, and explains special considerations for preparing and maintaining your source data.