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Enabling User Access to EMS for Outlook

EMS must be configured properly in order to activate the EMS for Outlook Add-in for Outlook users.  The EMS for Outlook Add-in uses each Outlook user’s EMS Web User account to establish their room booking privileges based on:

  • the Web Process Template(s) to which the user is assigned.
  • EMS Group(s)f or which the appointment can be booked.

In order for your Outlook users to have access, you must have enabled them in your EMS Desktop Client setup using Web Process Template. These instructions guide you in creating a Web Process Template. In addition to EMS for Outlook Requirements, the following must be true for you to be able to activate EMS for Outlook for a specific user:

  • An active EMS Web User account must exist.
  • The EMS Web User account must be assigned to at least one Web Process Template with the Outlook option enabled.
  • The EMS Web User account must be linked to an active EMS Group record (via the External Reference field.

This section guides you in establishing these elements of your installation.

To Define an Outlook Web Process Template

Once you have defined Web Process templates as part of EMS Desktop Client setup, you can make some adjustments in order to fully enable and customize the EMS for Outlook add-in.

1. When defining a Web Process Template in EMS Desktop Client setup, simply select the Outlook option. 

2. Use the Outlook Conflict – Email Options tab to customize the email sent to the Outlook user if a booking conflict arises during the process of booking through Outlook.

3. Complete the remaining tabs (see the general Web Process Template instructions).

4. Once you have defined your Outlook Web Process Template(s), assign it to your Web User Account(s). (A Group record is assigned to a Web User account in Configuration > Web > Web Users.)















To Check that an EMS Web User is Assigned to a Group (Typical)

You assign users to groups in EMS by modifying their Web User accounts using via the External Reference field.  You can have a user test this as follows

1. Navigate to Billing Information tab within Reservations > Reservations > Groups. 

2. Make a note of the value in the External Reference field.

3. Navigate to the Web User account, which is on the Web User tab within Configuration > Web > Web Users.

4. Compare the value above to the value in the  External Reference field.

Note: These values can be set automatically by administrators if your organization is using the HR Toolkit module.  Please see the HR Toolkit Installation Instructions for more information.