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The EMS-RoomWizard Interface is an optional module for communicating room reservation information between EMS and Steelcase RoomWizard. A RoomWizard is a wall-mounted unit that is associated with a particular room and used to schedule and view events in it. Once a connection has been established between a specific unit and an EMS database, EMS booking information is automatically displayed on the RoomWizard device for that room.  In addition, new impromptu meetings and adjustments to existing meetings made directly on a RoomWizard unit are automatically relayed to the EMS database.  This document lists the steps you must take to install and configure the EMS-RoomWizard interface for older and newer generation RoomWizard devices. 

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Unlimited toll-free customer support is available to EMS users who have a current Annual Service Agreement (ASA).  If you are unable to resolve a problem or answer a question by reading the EMS documentation, contact us at:
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