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EMS Software, LLC

Obtaining the EMS Glance Components

The latest EMS Glance components can be downloaded from the online Support Center.

  1. Go to and enter your Email Address and Password.
  2. Click the Software downloads link. 
  3. Download the following components:
  • EMSGlance.sql: SQL script that needs to be executed against your EMS database. This will create EMS Glance specific objects (tables and stored procedures) in your EMS database.
  • EMSGlance.msi: MS Glance web application installed on your web server. 
  • EMSGlanceAPI.msi: Installation file for the EMS Glance API web service installed on your web server.
  • EMS.Glance.dll: File that will expose the EMS Glance Settings area within EMS.
  • EMS Glance License Key: EMS Glance is an optional component that requires the appropriate license to activate.