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Importing Registration Information

The first time that your EMS application is accessed at your organization, a Registration dialog box opens. You must import the license file (License.lic) that was received with the software to register your software. You can change the database that your EMS system is using.


If you need to make any corrections to your registration information, contact or 800-440-3994, ext. 863 to have a license file with the corrected registration information sent to you. You can then import this license file to update the registration information.

To import registration information

1. On the EMS menu bar, click System Administration > Settings > Registration.

The Registration dialog box opens. This dialog box displays the registration information that is contained in the license file—your organization’s name and address, the EMS edition (Enterprise, Professional, and so on), the license expiration date, the limits for your software edition, and any additional packages for which your organization is licensed (for example, VEMS).

2. If the registration information is correct, then continue to Step 3; otherwise, if the information is incorrect, contact or call 1-800-440-3994 to have a corrected license file sent to you.

Registration dialog box


3. Click Import, and in the Open File dialog box, browse to and select the license file (License.lic) that you are importing, and then click Open.

The License file is imported.

4. If you need to change the database that your EMS application is using, go to Step 5; otherwise, click OK.

The Registration dialog box closes. Your EMS application is now registered and is ready for use.

5. Click Change Database.

The Provide Server Parameters dialog box opens.

Provide Server Parameters dialog box


6. Edit the server name and/or database name, and then click OK.

EMS closes and the EMS Login window opens. You can now log in to EMS using the newly specified database.