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Configuring Departments

 Concept: You Only Need to Define Departments Responsible for Hosting or Servicing Events in EMS

This element is only used to link an event with a Department that either hosts or services a meeting (so they can send notifications & confirmations, track billing, and initiate invoices), so you do not need to define departments in EMS other than these. Typically, these are departments that absorb the cost of hosting events, and departments like A/V or Catering that provide services. All financial transactions in EMS are batched by department. Groups and customers make payments to one or more departments for the events they schedule at your organization’s facilities

As the EMS administrator, you configure departments for your organization so they can notify attendees and send invoices linked to billing and PO numbers.

1. On the EMS menu bar, click Configuration > Administration > Departments. The Departments window opens. The window displays all departments that are currently configured in your EMS database and that have a status of Active. To view all departments in your EMS database, regardless of status, under Show, click Inactive.


2. Click New. The Department dialog box opens. The Department tab is the active tab.   


3. Enter the information for the new department.




The name of the department.

Note: The department can be a maximum of 50 characters, including spaces.

Address, City ST Zip

The address for the department.


The country for the department.



The phone and fax number for the department.


Select this option to drop the State and Zip fields for an international department.

Note: The name, address, phone, and fax that you define here are printed at the top of confirmations and invoices.

Email Address

The email address for the department.


Any descriptive or clarifying information that is pertinent for the department.

Invoice Prefix

Invoice Suffix

Not required for the first department that you configure. Required if multiple departments have been configured. This information clarifies which department generated an invoice.

Next Invoice No.

Required field. The value must be a number between 1 and 999999. The invoice number entered here is the number of the first invoice that is generated by a user in the department. This number is automatically incremented by one each time a user in the department generates an invoice.

Transaction Lock Days

The number of days after a transaction is generated that it can still be modified. For example, if the field is set to 30, an invoice generated by this department can be voided only within 30 days of its creation.


Leave this option blank to add the department as an active department. Select this option to inactivate the department.

4. Optionally, do one or more of the following:

• Open the Logo tab and do the following:

• In the Description field, enter a name or description for the logo that is to be printed on the confirmations and invoices generated by the department (maximum of 50 characters, including spaces).


• Click Browse to browse to open the Find Logo dialog box, and then browse to and select the logo.


The logo must be one of the following file types—.gif, .jpg, .jpeg, .bmp, .wmf, and .png. By default, the logo is printed at the top left of confirmations and invoices. You can select Align Right to align the logo at the top right instead of the top left.

• Open the Confirmation Header Fields tab, and on the Available list, select the field, or CTRL-click to select the multiple fields that are to be included in the header of every confirmation that is generated by the department.

• Open the Invoice Header Fields tab, and on the Available list, select the field, or CTRL-click to select the multiple fields that are to be included in the header of every invoice that is generated by the department.

• Click Spelling to spell check the information that you entered before you save it.

5. Click OK. The Department dialog box closes. You return to the Departments window with the newly configured department automatically selected.