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Importing Rooms

You can import rooms from a tab-delimited file into a building, area, or view that you select. (See Appendix E, “Import File Specifications,” for the room import file specifications.) After you import rooms, you must edit the configuration (setup type, features, images, and so on) for each room.

To import rooms

1. On the EMS menu bar, click Configuration > Facilities > Rooms. The Rooms window opens.


2. On the Building dropdown list, select a specific building, a specific area, or a specific view to import the rooms into.


If the appropriate building, area, or view is not available, you can configure it. See Configuring Buildings, Configuring Areas, or Configuring Public Views”.

3. Click Import. A dialog box opens, indicating the number of rooms that you are about to import, and asking you if you want to continue.

4. Click Yes. A message opens indicating that the import was successful.

5. Click OK to close the message and return to the Rooms window.

6. For each room that was imported, select the room on the Rooms window, and then click Edit to open the Room in the Room dialog box.

7. Edit the room configuration as needed. See To configure one room at a time”.