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Configuring Room Types

A room type is the class or category of the room, for example a meeting room, an auditorium, a workspace, a multi-purpose room, and so on. Users can categorize rooms by type to filter search results.

1. On the EMS menu bar, click Configuration > Facilities > Room Types. The Room Types window opens. This window lists all the room types that are currently configured in your EMS database.

Room Types window


2. Click New. The Room Type dialog box opens.

3. In the Room Type field, enter a name or description for the new room type. The room type can be a maximum of 50 characters, including spaces.

Tip: See Also: Configuring Override Rooms

4. If you want EMS Web App users to see this room type when they are searching for available space, leave Available to Everyday Users selected.

5. Click OK. The Room Type dialog box closes. You return to the Room Types window with the newly configured room type automatically selected.