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Configuring Cancel Reasons

When you are canceling a reservation in your EMS system, you can indicate a reason for the cancellation. You can configure a cancel reason that is as simple as a single word or phrase (for example, Event Postponed, Other, Will Reschedule), or you can configure it so that the user who is canceling the reservation must enter additional information about the cancellation.

To configure a cancel reason

1. On the EMS menu bar, click Configuration > Other > Cancel Reasons.

The Cancel Reasons window opens. This window lists all the cancel reasons that are currently configured in your EMS database and that have a status of Active.

Cancel Reasons window



Optionally, to view all cancel reasons in your EMS database, regardless of status, under Show, click Inactive.

2. Click New.

The Cancel Reason dialog box opens.

Cancel Reason dialog box


3. In the Cancel Reason field, enter a name or description for the new cancel reason, for example, Customer Postponed.


The cancel reason can be a maximum of 50 characters, including spaces.

4. Optionally, do one or more of the following:

• If you want the user who is canceling the reservation to enter supporting information for this cancel reason, select Require Notes.

• If you want the cancel reason to be listed as an option for a user who is canceling the event in VEMS, then select Display on Web.

• By default, a cancel reason is added as an active reason. Select Inactive to inactivate the reason.

5. Click OK.

The Cancel Reason dialog box closes. You return to the Cancel Reasons window with the newly added reason automatically selected.