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Welcome to the EMS Setup Guide. The purpose of the EMS Setup Guide is to answer your questions and guide you through the procedures necessary to configure and administer the EMS application efficiently and effectively. The EMS Setup Guide assumes that  you are familiar with Windows-based applications and basic Windows functions and navigational elements.

In this Setup Guide

This guide contains the following:

Getting Started with EMS, details the procedures for opening and logging on to the EMS application as well as an overview of the major functional areas in the application, including the title bar, the main window, the toolbar, and the main menu.

Core Configuration - Other Data Typesdetails the configuration of core data items (Event Types, Client Types, Reminder Types, Comment Types, Messages, Calendar Styles, Holidays, User Defined Fields, Reservation Sources, and Cancel Reasons).

Core Configuration - Facilitiesdetails the configuration of facilities (buildings and rooms) as well as the supporting facility information (areas, room types, setup types, features, floors, building hours, and public views).

Core Configuration - Administrationdetails the configuration of administration data (categories, departments, statuses, email notification rules, group email notification rules, room card formats, and calendar formats).

Core Configuration - Resourcesdetails the configuration of resources, or booking detail items, which are the individual items or services that your users can reserve for an event.

Core Configuration - Billingdetails the configuration of billing data items (rate schedules, pricing plans, calculations, accounts, payment types, sales categories, billing references, and PO numbers).

Core Configuration - Groups and Contactsdetails the procedures for configuring groups and contacts in your EMS database.

System Administration Configuration - Settingsdetails the configuration of settings that determine a variety of operational factors for your EMS installation, such as system-wide parameters, registration information, email settings, and Reservation Wizard required fields.

System Administration Configuration - User Securitydetails the configuration of user security settings, which determine the functions to which your users have access in your EMS installation.

System Administration Toolsdetails the configuration of the system tools that you have at your disposal in EMS to assist you in your administrative duties such as a tool to update all group records after you change business processes within EMS, managing memorized reports, viewing logged-in users and if necessary, log these users off your EMS system, emailing logged-in users, deleting old data in your EMS database and so on.

Virtual EMS (VEMS) Configurationdetails the configuration of the VEMS module, which includes configuring web users, web templates, web menus and links, and web text.

EMS Kioskdetails the procedures for configuring kiosk profiles and menus for EMS Kiosk.

EMS Academic Planningdetails the synchronization of the information in your Student Information System, or SIS, with the information in your EMS database as well as the configuration of campus-specific data items.

System Parameters details the EMS system parameters, the VEMS system parameters, and the EMS Kiosk system parameters that you can configure as the EMS administrator.

Video Conferencing details the configuration of the necessary features, resources, rooms, and web process templates to accommodate reservations or room requests that require video conferencing capability.


This feature is available only in EMS Enterprise. It is not available in EMS Professional.

Video Display Interface details the purpose and implementation of the Video Display Interface, which is an optional, add-on component for EMS that exports meeting and event information to a video display system such as Janus, Target Vision, and so on.

Academic Import Utility details the purpose and implementation of the Academic Import Utility, which is an optional, add-on component for EMS that is designed to communicate with academic scheduling programs for one-off imports of course schedule data.

Import File Specifications details the import file specifications for holidays, rooms, resources, groups, reservations, and course schedule patterns.