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EMS Software, LLC

EMS Configuration Steps

  1. Launch your EMS Campus desktop client application.  Login as a user with System Administrator-level access.
  2. Go to System Administration > Settings > Parameters > EMS and locate the parameter – ‘Campus - Web Service URL’.  Enter the URL of your EMS Campus Web Service.

http://[ServerName]/EMSCampusWebService/EMSCampusService.asmx (replace [ServerName] with the name of your web server)

  1. Go to Academic Planning > Configuration > and execute the Synchronize Buildings function to verify that a list of Buildings is successfully pulled from your SIS.  If you’re using the tab-delimited file option, please see Appendix A - Format for Tab-Delimited Files for file formatting and placement information.
  2. Please refer to the EMS Setup Guide for more information on how to synchronize and configure your EMS Campus database.