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No Show Notification Rules

No show notification rules are created for bookings in rooms that require Check in. These rules can be used to notify users of check in times, allow them to check in and cancel bookings if a user does not check in within the appropriate amount of time.

Configuring No Show Notification Rules

  1. On the EMS menu bar, click Configuration > Administration > No Show Notification Rules (Bookings). 
  2. Create a new rule or edit an existing rule.

  1. Enter the information for the No Show Notification Rule.




The name or the description for the notification rule.

Note: The description can be a maximum of 50 characters, including spaces.

Apply Rule

Selecting when to apply the rule determines when the no show notification rule will be applied and trigger. This can be either before or after the event has started.

Change Status

Select this option if the group’s bookings are to be changed to the status selected on the No Show Status dropdown list.

No Show Status

The status to which the group’s bookings are changed if the group “no-shows.”

Cancel Reason

Available only if the No Show Status is a Cancel Status type. Select a reason for cancelling the “no-show” group.

Send Email

If this box is checked it will send a notification email to the selected party/parties.

Header Message

Footer Message

Select a header and/or footer message that is to be displayed on every No Show notification that is sent.

Include Cancel Link

Include Check In Link

Available only if Change Status is not selected. Provides links in the notification email so that a user can cancel or check into the booking directly from the notification email.

Email Group

Email 1st Contact

Email 2nd Contact

Email Web User

Select the appropriate options to indicate to whom the no show notification is to be sent.

Email From

Enter the email address that is to be displayed in the Email From field for the no show notification.

Email Subject Line

Enter the text that is to be displayed in the email subject line. Variables pull in selected data from the event for which the notification is being emailed. You can include variables as described in the Legend. For example, %2% is the code for the group name, so “Notification for %2%” would result in “Notification for Consumer Electronics Association” being displayed in the subject line.


When this box is checked the no show notification will be made inactive and no longer send notifications for the selected rule.