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EMS Software, LLC

Application Architecture

The EMS – Cisco TMS Interface is comprised of two components:

  • EMS – Cisco TMS Service – Windows service responsible for pushing video conference bookings from EMS to the Cisco TMS Booking API at timed intervals.
  • Cisco TMS Activity DLL – Custom Cisco TMS DLL provided by EMS that will display all EMS – Cisco TMS Interface activity within the EMS application including errors and successfully scheduled video conferences. The Cisco TMS Activity DLL also contains an area that allows EMS Administrators to configure various EMS – Cisco TMS Interface settings.

New video conferences booked in EMS are pushed to the Cisco TMS Booking API based on various settings defined within EMS (see the EMS – Cisco TMS Interface Configuration Settings section)  Subsequent critical booking changes (i.e. date, time or location changes) and/or cancellations are also relayed to the API.  The EMS – Cisco TMS Interface is a one-way interface and changes made in Cisco TMS will not be reflected in EMS.