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Creating a List of Favorite Rooms

Users can create a list of favorite rooms that can be searched for availability when creating a room request. This list of favorites is created in the My Account section of the EMS Web App. Once created in the Web App, the list of favorites will be displayed in the Facilities dropdown list on the Room Request page in EMS for Microsoft Outlook and the EMS Web App. If you leave the Facilities field set to this value, then all the rooms that are contained in this Favorites list are automatically searched for availability after you click Find Space.

To create a list of favorite rooms (in EMS Web App):

  1. Open EMS for Web App. In the upper right-hand corner, click My Account.
  2. Click the My Favorite Rooms tab. 
  3. Under the Add New Favorite Room section, you can filter by location or find room by name. 

a. To search for a room by Area, Building, or View, click Filter by Location. The Locations dialog box appears. 

  • Check the box(es) of the location you wish to add to your favorites. Click Update Locations. The selected rooms will appear in the Selected Locations section at the bottom of the dialog box. 


b. You can search for a room by name by typing the name in the Find by room name field and clicking the search icon. 

  1. Your list of favorite rooms will appear as a list under the Your Saved Favorite Rooms section. The list can be sorted by Room Name, Building, or Room Type by clicking the sort button next to the filter.


  1. Delete a Favorite Room by clicking the Delete icon to the left of the Location Name.