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Creating a User Account

The VEMS Default page is the page that you first have access to before you log into VEMS or before you request to create a user account.

To create a user account

1. On the VEMS Default page, under my Account, click Create An Account. The Create An Account page opens.


2. Enter the information for your user account.

• Required fields are marked with a red asterisk (*).

• The option to opt out of receiving automatic emails from VEMS refers to emails such as event reminders, the reservation summary that is emailed when you submit your reservation, and view or modify miscellaneous notes for the account.

• The code that you are prompted to enter is used to authenticate your request to create an account. The code is case-sensitive, and therefore, you must enter the code exactly as it is displayed. If you cannot read the code that is displayed, then you can always select Show another code.

• VEMS does not impose any rules on your account’s password; however, you might have to adhere to your organization’s standards for passwords.

3. Click Save.

Depending on how VEMS has been implemented at your organization, one of two results is possible:

• Your account is immediately activated.

• Your account is placed in a pending status and must be approved by your EMS administrator before it can be activated.